High-Paying Remote Jobs: No Degree Required 2023 Guide

Once you have listed your skills, knowledge, and experience, you can now start to look at what kinds of jobs you qualify for. If you select a job outside of your qualifications, you may find that it is not as enjoyable for you as you thought or you may become overwhelmed with the demands. Insurance agents connect with clients over telephone or email to sell home, auto, life, or general protection plans. They assemble data on who needs protection and meet with them to discuss terms. Insurance agents work out payment rates, deductibles, installments, and extra services based on their customer’s circumstances and needs. Social media managers represent companies online by overseeing their web-based media presence and using social media to engage with clients.

Insurance companies and related organizations hire claims adjusters to evaluate insurance claims, including on-site and virtual inspection of damages and documentation of claims. A diploma and experience can qualify applicants for this type of role, and most companies hiring claims adjusters also offer extensive training on an ongoing basis. Graphic designers produce visual solutions for the communications needs of their clients through a variety of creative skills. Graphic designers are creative people who have a flair for what is appealing to consumers, are aware of upcoming trends, and can convert their ideas into visually pleasing images. Experience with graphic design software, such as Photoshop or InDesign, is usually required. Highlight your skills and experiences that align with the job you’re eyeing.

Collaboration Skills

The research could be done to analyze financial investments, scientific findings, market opportunity, or more. Graphic designers use technology to create visual concepts — in other words, to create useful art for companies. Their skills are necessary for the development of everything from logos to advertisements. As they manage large volumes of customer input, effective content managers use analytics tools to develop customized content for their target markets.

best remote jobs without a degree

Even though many coders start out being self-taught, you’ll probably need to have some qualifications in the form of a computer science or engineering degree to land yourself the salary you want. This isn’t great news if you’re just starting out and have no experience, especially if you want a salary that’s actually livable on in the age of permanent inflation. The odds might seem stacked against you, though, with Glassdoor estimating that the average US entry-level salary is just $42,000 in 2024.


Some light HTML and WordPress skills are a massive help, as are image and video editing chops. SEO knowledge is the cherry on top and could be the key to fast-tracking you through the ranks. Take it from us, running a website isn’t always easy, but it can be extremely rewarding. If you’re just starting out, it could also be the foothold you need to get your career off the ground. Still, for $85k straight out of college (the highest entry-level salary in our guide), we’d be tempted to rejoin the commuter rat race. With this in hand, 2024 can be the year you fast-track your career ambitions, pay the rent, and maybe even still have enough to splurge on the occasional coffee.

You can enroll in trade schools or vocational courses related to the field you want to pursue. You’ll be glad to learn that vocational education is enough to access many of the work-from-home remote jobs that pay well without a degree jobs we highlight in this article. Customer service representatives help customers get the most out of the company’s service or product by providing phone, chat, and email support.

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Managing budgets while taking specific projects from conception to completion, remote project managers must guide their virtual teams through shifting expectations and a series of deadlines. If you have a project management certification, you can get this high-paying remote job without a degree. Virtual admins provide administrative support to companies, agencies, or even individuals, either on a freelance contract basis or as a remote employee role. Virtual admins can perform many of the traditional back-office administrative roles that office managers, customer service managers, or sales support staff can provide. Dive into dynamic customer service roles, where your gift of connection and empathy is your ticket to high-paying jobs without a degree.

best remote jobs without a degree


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